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At Self Ground we help you to become the best version of yourself. It goes beyond conventional coaching, as we integrate strong visualization techniques and meditative knowledge for your personal growth.

For us what matters is to give you the tools to become your own master, in a simple, intimate and efficient way. All to create a solid foundation, your Self Ground. Which integrates your emotional needs, desires and most important compromises. So you can adjust your reactions to the different events of your daily life and plan carefully your most important actions for your future to come.

The experience takes you along a process of simple (but intense) Self Awareness and Self Acceptance as a foundation for your Planed Growth.

You will change your perception of reality, you will see yourself naked and you will understand others better. From your Self Ground you build a confidence and trust in your actions and intuitions you never had before.

You are the master. You are the coach that knows you best. We guide you along the experience. Are you ready?

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